Gerard Smith – Standing Stones

Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion – The Constant Search For Bravery

The Enid – One and the Many (live)

That Joe Payne – Moonlit Love (live)

Magenta – Too Many Voices

John Wilkinson – Stranded

Amarok – I’m a Rock / Fieldmour I / Fieldmour II / Avalon / Fieldmour III

Linnea Olsson – Giddy Up!

Isildurs Bane – Without Grace

My Marianne – Husavik

Darkroom – Our Damage Catches Up With Us

No-Man – The Break Up For Real (Drum Mix)

Psychoyogi – A Dangerous Path

Dave Bainbridge – Clear Skies


Numerical Consistence Achieved!

Musical Consistence?

Ha!  Are you kidding me?!

  • London Underground – “What I Say” from Four on Musea (2018)
  • Alan Gowan/Phil Miller/Richard Sinclair/Trevor Tomkins – “Fourfold” from Before A Word Is Said on Floating World (1982)
  • GruGrü – “5et pour 4et” from GruGrü on Independent (20120
  • Alan Davey – “Spiritual Modulator (1986 Version)” from Four-Track Mind on Purple Pyramid Records (2020)
  • Andromeda Space Ritual – “Fourth Journey” from Satellite on Galactic SmokeHouse (2020)
  • Led Zeppelin – “Four Sticks” from Untitled (IV) on Atlantic Records (1971)
  • Four Vicious Walls – “Xelbot” from Secrets of Shambhala.  The Beginning. On Independent (2014)
  • Sky Cries Mary – “Four AM” from Space Between The Drops on Trail Records (2009)
  • Patrick Broguiere – “Quatour Des Trente Cierge” from Mont Saint-Michel on Mellow Records (1998)
  • Cthulhu Rise – “Opus 44” from Last on Independent (2020)
  • Spaceking – “44” from The Piper at the Gates of Stone on [addicted label] (2016)
  • Vespero – “Urthona from The Four Zoas on Tonzonen Records (2020)
  • Hamster Theatre – “The Quasi Day Room Ceremonial Quadrille” from The Public Execution of Mr. Personality on Cuneiform Records (2006)
  • SEIMS – “The Pursuit of Intermediate Happiness” from FOUR on Art As Catharsis Records (2021)
  • Glass – “Ultraverse Quadradextrous “ from Emergence on Musea (2018)
  • Time Columns – “Tetralemma” from Mana on Oxide Tones (2012)
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “The Fourth Colour” from Polygondwanaland on Independent (2017)
  • Bad Luck – “Four” from Four on Origin Records (2018)
  • Armonite – “Connect Four” from The Sun is New Each Day on Independent (2015)

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The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 5th December 2021

This show includes a one hour mini Radiohead Special presented by Andy Fox

Artist Title Year Time
Yes I Am Waiting 1994 7:22
Pat Metheny Zenith Blue 2021 11:37
Gordon Giltrap & Paul Ward The Last of England 2017 8:21
Radiohead Creep 1993 3:58
Radiohead Thinking About You 1993 2:41
Radiohead The Bends 1995 4:06
Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees 1995 4:50
Radiohead Just (You Do It To Yourself) 1995 3:52
Radiohead Subterranean Homesick Alien 1997 4:27
Radiohead Fitter Happier 1997 1:57
Radiohead Electioneering 1997 3:50
Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place 2000 4:11
Radiohead Optimistic 2000 5:16
Radiohead In Limbo 2000 3:31
Barclay James Harvest One Night 1975 5:25
Utopia Windows 1977 4:21
Van Der Graaf Generator Refugees 1970 6:21
John Holden Tears From The Sun 2018 9:01

If you would like to contact Graham, please email

The Prog Bus 

With Dave Watkins 

1st Dec 2021 

It’s a mini Fleesh special this week.

Fleesh – The Trees
Alex Canion – To The Fore
Ross Jennings – Third Degree
Fleesh – The Beginning
Fractal Mirror – Borders
Marillion – Be Hard On Yourself
Fleesh – Lavender
Viriditas – The Long Walk
Fleesh – Stay On These Roads
Big Big Train – Last Train
Dave Bainbridge – Ghost Light
Fleesh – Butterflies
Cloud Atlas – Let The Blood Flow
CatalystR – Immortal

The Prog Bus is exclusive to Progzilla Radio every other Wednesday 1800-2000 UK and every other Sunday 0400-0600 UK.


Broadcast 5th Dec 2021

Show 182

  • Dandelion


  • Two Faces


  • Hard Lovin’ Man

Deep Purple

  • The Serpent


  • Under My Thumb

Rolling Stones

  • Turn To Stone

Joe Walsh

  • Life For the Taking

Eddie Money

  • The Words of Aaron

The Move

  • Changes (In the Heart of My Own True Love)

Glass Harp

6-Pack Hack

  • Brown Sugar

Rolling Stones

  • Behind Blue Eyes

The Who

  • Blue Sunday

The Doors

  • Back To Black

Amy Winehouse

  • Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison

  • Mellow Yellow


  • Colours


  • Finale

Keith Emerson Band

  • Physical Presence

Level 42

  • No Sign of Yesterday

Men At Work

  • Skin Flicks

Barclay James Harvest

  • Last Time Forever


SIAS: Pink Floyd – The Wall (side 3)

Pink Floyd

  • Hey You

Pink Floyd

  • Is There Anybody Out There?

Pink Floyd

  • Nobody Home

Pink Floyd

  • Vera

Pink Floyd

  • Bring the Boys Back Home

Pink Floyd

  • Comfortably Numb

Pink Floyd

  • Say You Will


  • Mr Wizard

Stone The Crows w/Maggie Bell

  • Shadowboxing

Genya Raven

  • Quiet Mood

Dave Brubeck Quartet

  • Color Wheel

Mark Egan/Danny Gotleib

  • Lady Fantasy: Encounter, Smiles For You, Lady Fantasy


  • Return of the Giant Hogweed


  • Down


  • Words of Love

Mamas & the Pappas

  • Pipeline

The Ventures

  • If I Fell

The Beatles

  • Eve of Destruction

Barry McGuire

Chillin’down with one monster track

  • El Tonto De Nadie Regresa (Nobody’s fool comes back)


  • Sentimental Journey

Fleetwood Mac

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Meet Team Dead Bob



We couldn’t do this show without our great team here at Sandford Hospital Radio and Progzilla Dot Com, so let’s hear it this week for Maureen in HR, and fellow SHR D-Jock Anne-Marie Bloggs.

This Bobcast sees the usual high jinks, and funny – yet appropriate – badinage, set to a banging soundtrack provided by the following fine artistes:


Maybeshewill – We Called for an Ambulance but a Fire Engine Came

Niko Tsonev – Glitchy Gremlin

IQ – Life Support

Colosseum – Bring Out Your Dead

Pennies By the Pound – San Francisco Skyline

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Comedy of Errors – Above the Hills

Vitam Aeternam – God Machine

Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ‘We’re Not In Kansas’ by Big Country

 – Ships

 – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

 – Daydream Believer

 – Hey Hey, My My

Shellac-Attack: ‘Vittjar’ by Kaipa, Side 3

 – Vittjar

 – Treasure House

 – A Universe of Tinyness

Paul McCartney & Wings – Live and Let Die

Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time (The Self-Preservation Society)



Edition 290 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (510 in total), first broadcast 5 December 2021, is now also available to listen to anytime or download. Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock. Also this week, Leo Trimming from The Progressive Aspect reviews the latest offering by French proggers Esthesis, there is a chance (if listening in time) to win the debut album by UK progressive rock band Grace and Fire, and you can test your knowledge of the wonderful world of prog in our fun, quick fire quiz as we ask “How Proggy Are You?!”

This Week’s Playlist

1 Lifesigns – Gregarious (Altitude)
2 Qango – The Last One Home (Live in the Hood)
3 Big Big Train – Meadowland (Live at Real World Studios)
4 Grace and Fire – Paradise Lost (Elysium)
5 Dave Bainbridge – The Girl and the Magical Sky (To The Far Away)
6 Viriditas – The Long Walk (Green Mars)
7 Soup – Kingdom of Colour (Visions)
8 The Paradox Twin – Sea of Tranquility (Silence from Signals)
9 Keats – Walking on Ice (Keats)
10 Esthesis – No Soul to Sell (The Awakening)
11 Psychoyogi – A Dangerous Path (Digital Vagrancy)
12 Toy Matinee – Queen of Misery (Toy Matinee)
13 The Bedlam Furnaces – Worlds Apart (Single)

You can hear The Prog Mill on Progzilla Radio at these times every week ( – via the tune in and other internet radio apps and platforms – or ask your smart speaker to “Play Radio Progzilla on Tune-In”)

Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK (2200UTC) – main broadcast

Repeated Wednesdays 5am – 7am UK (0500 UTC) – for The Americas/Far East/Australasia (Tuesdays 9pm Pacific US/Midnight Eastern US) and Saturdays 6pm – 8pm UK (1800 UTC/1900 Europe, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern).

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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or


Intro – The Flower Kings – World Of Adventures


Grace and Fire – The Great Divide Pts I & II

The Amber Heard – Hall Of Mirrors

Dakesis – Fractures

Ruby Dawn – Breakdown

Moscow Riley – The Time Divide

The Far Meadow – A Gentle Warrior

Also Eden – Artificial Light

Cairo – Dancing The Gossamer Thread

Servants Of Science – Burning In The Cold

Rain – Dandelion

Axiom – Believe

Last Flight To Pluto – Coverland

Multi Story – Last Man Standing

Outro – Big Big Train – The Last Train


Rush – The Big Money

Dream Theater – Transcending Time

Crown Lands – Inner Light

XTC – Train Running Low On Soul Coal

Big Big Train – Atlantic Cable

Transatlantic – Bridge Across Forever

Gentle Giant – In A Glass House

Amanda Lehmann – Memory Lane

Also Eden – Skimming Stones

Public Service Broadcasting – People, Let’s Dance

Hamerzya – Ethereal Ones

Ships Fly Up – Los Oceangeles

Soup – The Boy And The Snow

Earthside – Mob Mentality

Meer – Picking Up The Pieces

Katalina Gonzalez – Nebuloso

Northern Star 2nd Dec 2021.

Class of 71!


Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  • Fairport Convention – The Verdict / Little Did I think
  • Status Quo – Gerundula
  • Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia – Morning In Marin
  • Billy Joel – Tomorrow is today
  • Elton John – Indian Sunset
  • The Sweet – Tom tom Turn around
  • The Kinks – have a Cuppa tea
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – A lotus On Irish streams
  • Genesis – Harold the barrel
  • Barclay James Harvest – Medicine Man
  • Miles Davis – Sivad
  • Led Zeppelin – The battle of evermore
  • Traffic – Many a mile to freedom
  • Electric light orchestra – Mr radio
  • David Bowie – Fill your Heart , Andy Warhol
  • King crimson – Islands
  • Rory Gallagher – Whole lot of people
  • Bob Dylan – A hard rain is gonna Fall
  • Yes – South side of the sky
  • John Martyn – Glistening Glyndebourne
  • Mountain – Pride and passion
  • Kevin Ayers – whatevershebringswesing
  • ELP – Pictures at an Exhibition (segment )


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